The TETSUJIN DAMASHII® AERO SWIM SHORTS is the magic training item for all of you who cannot swim or who has lack confidence in swimming. It is the product that we will certainly encourage athletes to use for both your training and the rehabilitation after an injury.
Try our TETSUJIN DAMASHII® AERO SWIM SHORTS for your speed through water.

Featuring Yamamoto SCS and AeroDome as well as our TETSUJIN DAMASHII® WETSUIT, TETSUJIN DAMASHII® AERO SWIM SHORTS can offer streamlined optimal body position and its preservation with moderate buoyancy.
The most suitable swim shorts for any type of athletes which make great improvement in swim form, and also you get amazing comfort and fit due to the nature of custom-made orders.It is possible to adjust the thickness of the fabric according to the level of your swimming.

  • Sending the measurement form is required for purchase.
  • 3,900 yen shipping fee will be added to the total price.
  • Payments are made by accepted credit cards.
    See here for more information on accepted credit cards.
  • Online orders are only available for residents in ROC (Taiwan),Korea and Hong Kong for the present time.
  • Your purchase will be sent by EMS(Express Mail Service). It will take about 10 to 14days due to the nature of custom-made orders.
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