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TheTriathlon Wetsuit are highly flexible.
Please follow the instructions and precautions listed below.  

  1. 1. Avoid sharp objects of any kind (fingernails, watches, triathlon/swimming watch etc.) when handling your wetsuit, especially while you are putting your wetsuit on or taking your wetsuit off.
  2. Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure (for example, in your car, on a boat, at the beach, extreme heat, etc.)
  3. Rinse off your wetsuit with fresh water to clean the surface, and diluted neutral detergent to clean the lining.
  4. Dry your wetsuit inside-out in the shade.
  5. Wetsuit flexibility can degrade if left out too long.
  6. For storage, dry your wetsuit on a heavy-duty hanger so that you don’t leave marks and ridges inside.