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premium α 2PIECE WETSUIT
Full Zipper
TETSUJIN DAMASHII® Triathlon Wetsuit Premium α
2-Piece Wetsuit Full Zipper /
2 Full zipper tops (full sleeve + sleeveless)
+ bottoms
106,920 JPY
[ The set includes ]
Full zipper top (full sleeve)
Full zipper top (sleeveless)
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“Improving Time” and “Fatigue reduction” made possible through the world’s first compression material bio rubber CBCM and bio-wave (infrared) wetsuit. The Premium series reduces overall fatigue by incorporating medical bio rubber. In addition, we added special material to make it easier to catch the water. This wetsuit will cut your swim time, saving your energy for biking and running. The ultimate triathlon wetsuit that meets the competition characteristics of a triathlon!

2 Full zipper tops (full sleeve and sleeveless) and bottoms. They can allow you to try any type of competition and are the strongest items in this range.

Triathlon wetsuits that have functional design with elastic fabric, draping for offering amazing stretch across shoulders, and the most non-stress products possible. Also easy to put on and take off with full zipper.
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