TETSUJIN DAMASHII®︎ Event Series In Taiwan(1)

国内はもちろん、海外でもたいへん人気があるTETSUJIN DAMASHII®トライアスロンウェットスーツの試着&試泳会が、2月1日松山運動中心(台北)にて開催され、多くの台湾アスリートの皆さんが参加!たいへん賑わいました!

TETSUJIN DAMASHII®︎試着&試泳会ムービーぜひ、ご覧ください!

初めてTETSUJIN DAMASHII®を着用して泳いだ参加者のアスリートからは、「とても泳ぎやすくタイムも速かった!」「いろいろなブランドのウェットスーツを着たことあるが、どのメーカーのものと比べても一番品質が良く速く泳げた」「腕がまわしやすく、普段よりとても楽に泳げた」など、多くのお喜びの声をいただきました。


TETSUJIN DAMASHII® triathlon wetsuits, which is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas,Fitting and Swimming event were held at the Matsuyama Athletic Center (Taipei) and many Taiwan athletes participated!
It was blessed with a lot of participants.

From the athlete of the participant who swam the first time wearing TETSUJIN DAMASHII®, “It was easy to swim and the time was fast!” “I have worn various brands of wetsuits, but the most “I was able to swim well and fast in high quality,” “Easy to stroke, I could swim very comfortably than usual,” and received a lot of joyful voices.

The venue was a very splendid 50M pool where the Taipei 2017 Universiade was held !
All Taiwan athletes were full of energy from the early morning.
Thank you for your participation!

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